Mary Hopkin - Iesu Faban

Iesu Faban

Mary Hopkin

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Mary Hopkin - Iesu Faban

'Iesu Faban' is a close, intimate choral performance of a traditional Welsh Christmas carol.

It's a family affair, with daughter Jessica Lee Morgan's alto and son Morgan Visconti's bass and tenor combining with Mary's soprano in an a capella four-part harmony. "Since I love to sing with Jessica and Morgan, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get the three of us singing together," said Mary.

Mary feels that Jessica and Morgan did a "splendid" job singing in Welsh. "This must have been a huge challenge - to get their tongues around some of the Welsh pronunciation while concentrating on the often complicated harmonies."

The recording sessions were transatlantic, with Mary recording her parts in Wales. Jessica recording in London, and Morgan adding his parts in New York.

'Iesu Faban' is the first of a few Christmas songs yet to be released. "I searched through all my dusty, childhood songbooks and found some gems we'd sung at school and chapel, many of them in Welsh. Once I'd gathered all my favourites and also discovered some very old, but new to me, carols, Jessica and I got started."


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